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Our pumps and systems can be used in many differents sectors to meter, mix, transport and temper fluids even under the most difficult conditions.

They are ideal for the food industry, refineries, gas distribution, power plants and many more.

We guarantee the total satisfaction of our services tanhks to the experience of more than 15 years of our professionals, making us in the best choice for industries dedicated to personal care, paper and pulp, and all those that require specialized equipment for the development of their products.

Oil and Gas

Our packages comply the strict requirements of the Industry
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Power Generation

We make the chemical calculations and supply the necessary chemical products, with technical assistance, if you require it.
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Pulp and Paper

The most demanding paper manufacturing companies rely on Fluideco to manage precisely the additives that affect the quality of the final product.
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Detergents and Cosmetics

FLUIDECO designs and manufactures systems for the Detergents and cosmetic industry.
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Food and Beverages

FLUIDECO provides to the food industry knowledge and experience in skid-based equipment in food process, always in compliance with the strictest health and hygiene regulations.
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Water Treatment Skids

FLUIDECO provides to the water treatment industry knowledge and experience in processes, such as: Neutralization of pH in water, Chemical Dosing and Effluent treatment plant.
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Other Industries

IN FLUIDECO we offer tailor-made equipment and systems for almost all industries in which the exact dosing, mixing or pumping of fluids is required. We are engineers specializing in the management of difficult fluids.
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