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We are responsable for the process
In addition to the supply of equipment, we make the calculations and programming the control loops to manage the injection of products depending on the variables of the main circuit (pH, oxygen, etc.).
We also supply the chemicals from international manufacturers.
The dosing equipment can be divided into several subsystems:
  • Dosing of Carbohydrazide
  • Dosing of Phosphate
  • Dosing of Ammonia
  • Dosing of Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Hypochlorite Dosing
  • Dosing of Biodispersante
  • Dosing of Sulfuric Acid
  • Dosing of Anti-fouling
  • Dosage of Biocide
When equipment is installed in hazardus area Fluideco supplies ATEX chemical dosing systems.


Dosing systems are used when chemicals injections are necessary into a process, as an additive or to maintain boiler and cooling water with proper pH, oxygen and conductivity conditions and to avoid scale.
In FLUIDECO we have wide experience dealing with corrosive and difficult fluids, used in many industries.
  • Chemical dosing for boiler treatment
  • Chemical dosing to the steam water cycle.
  • Chemical dosing to Cooling Towers
  • Dosing of chemical additives to the process



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