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Our packages comply the strict requirements of the Industry, among them:

  • API
  • ASME
  • CUTR
  • ATEX / NFPA / NEC / CEC for Hazardous areas
  • Non destructive tests


Typical fluids to be handled: Demulsifier, DMDS, Corrosion inhibitors, Antifoaming agent, Bitumen blocker, antifouling agent, Biocide, Calcium nitrate, Anticorrosive agent, emulsion breaker, Oil separator / flocculent, H2S binder, Hypochlorite, Hydrate preventer, with lower density/LDHI, Oxygen binding agent, Paraffin preventer, PH control agent, Crust preventer, crust reducer, Clarifier for water, Wax inhibitor, Glycol, Methanol, Debutanizer inhibitor, Depropanizer inhibitor, Deethanizer inhibitor, Stripper inhibitor.


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