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FLUIDECO sampling systems are used in power plants and in those industrial processes where it is needed to CONTROL AND MONITOR WATER QUALITY. In power plants it is needed to control the water/steam cycle characteristics in order to avoid damage to the components of the circuit as the steam turbine and the boilers.

In order to analyze the water’s parameters, we design and manufacture a complete sampling system where the sample is conditioned to achieve suitable values of temperature, pressure and particles content that fit perfectly with the analyzer’s requirements.

Fluideco studies each project individually, always collaborating with the main analyzer and instrumentation brands to achieve the best performance in each situation. Fluideco installs first class analyzers: ABB®, Hach®, Emerson®, Endress+Hauser®, Krohne®, Swan®.

Frequent parameters to analyze:

  • pH.
  • ORP.
  • Na: Sodium.
  • SiO2: Silica.
  • SC: Specific Conductivity.
  • CC: Cationic Conductivity.
  • DCC: Degassed Conductivity.
  • Hz: Hydrazine.
  • O2: dissolved oxygen.
  • Cl: chlorine ( Total, Free, Monochloramine, pH independent Free Chlorine).
  • HTF: Heat Transfer Fluid.

Each package is DESIGNED TAILOR-MADE FOR EACH SPECIFIC APPLICATION, from the simple in-line analysis up to the turnkey sampling system. Thus the scope of supply is broad and may include the following grades:

  • Analyzers
  • Single or double conditioning
  • Relief valves
  • Back pressure valves
  • TSV Thermal shut off valves
  • PCV Pressure reducer valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Valves types: ball, needle, globe, 3 way
  • Filters
  • TI Temperature indicator
  • PI Pressure indicator
  • FI Flow indicator
  • TCU Temperature control units



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