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Installing the dosing system inside a conditioned container has many advantages:

  • Easier and much faster erection at Site.
  • Faster commissioning and start up at Site, as it is already tested in our workshop.
  • Equipment protection against environmental conditions: summer and winter temperatures, sand storms, direct sun shine. This makes the system more reliable, safer regarding chemical leaks, and much lower cost of maintenance.
  • Personal protection against chemicals: as container has locked doors, only expert personnel can enter inside the container. It can include a protection box with safety equipment such as gloves, glass and chemical resistant clothing.
  • Better working conditions, as container includes lightning and air conditioning.

Fluideco has wide expertise in container placed systems and recommends this solution.

The container may include:

  • Emergency doors
  • A/C and heating system
  • Ventilation
  • Lightning
  • Safety shower and eye wash
  • Personal protective equipment cabinet


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