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The control process is the heart of the production management. Most FLUIDECO packages are fully automatic, based on specific control applications. The main ones are: Control of chemical values such pH, Oxygen, Scaling, Control of raw materials, management of recipes, historical storage, process display and management protocols.

The most basic control system controls one system or a simple process. The control can be expanded based on centralized system or distributed system by bus for communications.

The communication protocol used between the FLUIDECO equipment and your DCS Distributed Control System can be any of the standards desired: Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus, Hart, and OPC.

We employ world-class PLC: Siemens Simatic ®, Allen-Bradley ®, Honeywell ®, Omron® or any other that you have as standard in your facilities.

The manual control of the process is always possible, the FLUIDECO packages can include both automatic / manual switch and remote / local switch, in order to adapt to any circumstance of maintenance or production.



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